Look of the Day: Curls!

By Cathy H - 6:08 PM

Did subtle curls at bottom instead of crazy volume like I always did, and I like it! I feel like curls actually make my hair seem longer..especially when tied up o.O Also it makes ombre hair stand out more in the sun! Anyway, went to a job interview (which I got) and hanging with my Montreal friends I went on the trip with! Going to Yellowstone tomorrow until next Friday so excited to take more photography! hope everyone is having a great rest of the summer :)
Life is good, let 'em know! xx

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  1. So beautiful curls.
    I love your ombre hair too♥

    Loving it!♥

  2. So amazing! <3
    I really loved your blog. What do you think about following each other ?

  3. Beautiful locks my dear! How do you make those curls last the whole day, and I too prefer curls only at the bottom ^_^

    <3 Celly

    1. I simply use straightner to curl it and give it a few brushes. It lasts for days actually! I believe the higher the heat setting the better the curls stay in :)

  4. Adorei o vestido e seu cabelo é maravilhoso!
    Estou te seguindo, se puder retribuir seguindo de volta ficarei muito feliz!

  5. in love with your curls! I want curls like that :)

    1. ohh its easy! done on a straightener and just wrap small sections of the bottom hair strands :)

  6. The curls looks good on you honey! Following you via GFC, hope you can return the love! Keep in touch! x


    1. thanks! i just followed and thanks for checking my blog <33

  7. Hello there Sweetie ♡ ♡ ♡
    I just wanted to let you know that i followed you!
    Plus I nominated your super adorable page for "Liebster Blog Award"!
    Check it out!
    (( http://tralalagal.blogspot.ch/2013/08/i-got-tagged-liebster-blog-award.html ))
    Have a nice day!

    I leave some Love,
    PATA♡ ✧ *.

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