Matcha Time!

By Cathy H - 12:11 AM

Went downtown today with my best friend after finishing an final exam worth 45% which I missed by 1 day and had the previous day to cram. I'm pretty much so oblivious to life it's a wonder I survived to this point without any major troubles haha..I literally was laughing at myself/my life yesterday on how I am so clueless on what's going on 90% of the time 0__o Anyway, we met with her cousins and had matcha peach mango cake as well as a green tea parfait cup. I can never get tired of green good. Also my friend's dress was so beautiful I was playing paparazzi behind her back :D For dinner we made a vegan bowl inspired from our trip to Montreal's Aux Vire...delicious! 
Life is good, let 'em know xx 

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