Mountain View Lodge P.3

By Cathy H - 11:55 PM

This bridge is one of the few wooden ones that cars can across to the other side! It felt a bit like the Grand Canyon Glasswalk because underneath the wires was space so I felt like I was about to fall each time I stepped forward. I just loved this environment, so green and no trace of other inhabitants at all! I made legit S'mores at night even though it started monsooning and it tasted amazing!! Definitely rate this place 10/10 :)

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  1. Amazing pictures <3


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  2. What gorgeous pictures!! I love your outfit and the food is totally making me hungry :) Bridges are so beautiful, but I've always had this intense fear of crossing bridges... they all seem so wobbly and I keep imagining myself falling off! haha

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    1. I knowww especially this one had intense see through wires through the middle so it felt like I'm about to fall through LOL. its definitely beautiful!! thanks for dropping by and love your blog too <33

  3. thanks!! and yess illl check it out ddearr <33

  4. Beautiful pictures! Love this kind of bridges,
    it looks dangerous yet sturdy as well c: Love
    the pictures of the fire! Xx

    1. me too, the middle part was the most scary but so cool like the grand canyon glasswalk :D