Missing Montreal =___=

By Cathy H - 11:51 PM

I keep missing more and more of MTL trip last month these days..I knew when I was there I was more trying to stay safe,not sick,make sure everyone's happy, trying to plan and find directions. But I find that I always get so nostalgic when I go on extended trips..because so much happens in that timeframe, so many memories and crazy moments, and ofcourse new people. It was always a getaway from not knowing at all were I'm going in life ..I guess now it's over I'm back to trying to get it together. I begin missing small things like our cute apartment and the times we stayed up baking, watching movies, getting ready in the morning with the only worry deciding where to eat and hang at. I never wish to have too good of a time because I just end up feeling sad for days on end..but this trip in retrospective was REALLY amazing! Not only was it in such a European feeling town but the new friends I made left a impact on me and I miss how all streets connected,all we did is walking and eating. It was so clique like those scenes in movies where girlfriends take vacations together and have some girls times/crazy moments. But I wish I can rewind in time to chilling in that cute living room,taking a walk by old port,eating out everyday sighhh. Guess it's time to face the reality of life 0__o

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  1. Sounds like a super fun trip,.. Happens with me all the time comming back from the trip makes me so sad..
    I keep thinking abt it.. :)
    Nice pics
    Keep in touch,

  2. sounds so much fun!
    Love the pics from previous posts!
    thanks for checking out my blog :) now following you!



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