Happy Anniversary Mon Cherie!

By Cathy H - 9:56 PM

Today's the anniversary when me and my bff first legit hung out and got to know each other. A year ago we went sea wall biking,ate Greek food and macaroons together while talking about alot of nice philosophical things. Today we went to the Aritzia Sale and Victoria Secret grand opening an grabbed some healthy Whole Foods! Than we became more and more close to the point of spending everyday together, made an album together of everything we did, probably had sleepovers more often than we slept in our own bed. Got into alot of sketchy situations and crazy times clubbing and coming home than waking up at crazy hours. Whined at the terrible school days with minus degree weather and rain as well as cheered at break when we made checklists of things to do,bake and traveling plans.

This is the first friend I met in my life that sticks true to their words and does not flake. Often times people say they love and miss you but will never make the time or effort to meet and spend time together but we really mean that we like each other by almost hanging out everyday! We even went to Montreal together for a month- my first trip with friends. Some people are meant to stay in your life and we always get told we are sisters or look alike. She is another person I'm sure we were both predestined to meet each other! I think the reason we get along so well is we're both very drama free and don't let people mess with us. We are strong minded and always stick to the plan, we know there's alot of things in life to accomplish and never stress over insignificant people or events. We're here to make everyday count! Here's to many more years to come. 

Life is good, let 'em know! xx

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  1. Friendship is such a special bond, its a blessing when we have a true friend in our life...
    May god bless both you girls, and always keep you as close as you are now...
    U reminded me of my school friends.,
    Dont forget to enter my giveaway.
    Keep in touch,