Mountain View Lodge P.1

By Cathy H - 11:33 PM

Finally posting these pics up from my trip at the end of July! Went here right after Montreal, it was a great atmosphere and I loved marinating the BBQ foods in the kitchen..I think that's one of my major highlights. I think I'm just being a chef on vacation everywhere, haha. Anyways, there was a small trail in the back yard that lead to this lovely creek, it's so ~*zen*~ and quiet. Everything in the house was so antique and well put together, I remember staying up till 1am every night in the attic bedroom I had reading Murakami's Kafka on Shore. Catching up on reading in the woods is great :D

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  1. Woooow so beautiful photos!
    your new follower Beba :)

  2. LOL I read Kafka on the Shore too! Last year during my plane trip to Korea. It was such a trippy book right? Totally worth reading though!
    The photos turned out so pretty^^ What camera did you use? Pictures look super sharp!

    1. yess i was up in that attic bedroom getting my murakami on errnight till late hehe. It was so strange at the end...the whole Oedipus thing I was like 0_0 awww thanks I just used my little SONY NEX3 and put some PSD coloring on it :DD