Everything Is Already Planned

By Cathy H - 10:03 PM

Sometimes you meet someone and everything you ever thought about what it would be like is thrown out the window. Getting that slight glimpse takes you by surprise until they take up a bigger and bigger part of them in your mind. Sometimes it doesn't matter what other people say about them, you just know what they mean to you. There are negative sides to everything, but you choose to only divulge yourself in their optimism. These people that make you feel alive and glad to have lived to this day inside are never the people you expect, but they sure do make you question whether fate is working on your side. I believe life is 50/50 random occurrences and predetermined destiny. Maybe we were predestined to meet everyone we were supposed to, and like a train- some ride with you to the very last stops while others get off in a few stops. Just because you don't see that person everyday or even talk doesn't mean you forget them after their stop. I think we carry a small piece of everyone we meet within us, they make you glad to be alive. Give you something to look back to, someone to wish the best for in terms of their well being and success. I just find it funny some things happen in such a precise right time and location...it's like something bigger than us is watching over and working their charm. It's people like this that make you question why we all worry and calculate minuscule details and upsettings like a dead end. I often find myself looking back at all the people I've known and just know they were presented to me for the reason I needed the most, in the time I needed the most. I think...it's incredible how all these small happenings work their way up to bringing someone that becomes your soulmate/best friend till the end. 

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  1. Destiny!!

  2. Beautiful post... I agree, we meet sonmany people and we are destined to meet them, not talking on every day basis syrely does not mean we forget them..,
    Very nice article...
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    Keep in touch,

    1. yes it's amazing when you look back on your life at the bigger picture and realize how everything/everyone fits together! love your blog btw xx