Xi'an Tour days

By Cathy H - 3:58 AM

Been really busy this week. Absolutely no time to write about my day’s events! Starting Monday, we went to 2 ancient grave evacuation sites and a temple that took 53 BILLION YEN to build. So crazy…all for a couple of buddhas and temples? Well, it was very interesting but kind of creeped me out because I don’t know WHAT to worship. Neverthelessly, it was really magnificent and a new experience for me. Never seen anything like it before! The past 2 graves were special too, just so historical that it was unbelieavable, the stuff I’m looking at was used, built, and seen by people from thousands from years ago. The ride back and forth was tortous, I HATE riding the damn tour bus. Just so waste of time and non accomplishing. I don’t know, before I used to love the idea of being in a tour group but now absolutely NOT. Anyway, came Tuesday. Time for Hua Mountain tour day. RAINING THE ENTIRE DAMN WAY. And the damn tour company driver comes to pick me up at like 7;30 in the morning and makes everyone wait in the parking lot until 9. NOT COOL. Goodness Christ, wanted to hurt one of the tourists. So at the mountain we arrived, eating ghetto village food along the way. Man, the washrooms are absolutely a wretched site to behold. So disgusting, that putrid smell of days old urine and NO STALL DOOR. Just 3 pits and everyone pees in the open, LOL. I was like, uhh….get it together, China. Ya’ll cant ever get a good reputation with public toilets built like this. Damn, I still shiver when I think of those washrooms. At the mountain was rainy, everywhere was multi-colored rain ponchos lining up to ride the cable car up the actual mountain. Yeah…not cool. Theres nothing to see when its raining because it creates a massive white fog, all the views blocked. And we cant climb or see ANYTHING. Damn that day, just damn it. Wearing my ghetto ass 12 YEN rain poncho of which was already broken right out the package, with my 50 pound luggage backpack, soaking wet. I thought I was gonna die, honestly. Sorry, I cant suck it up, its not in me too. The worst part was when I decided to come down from the mountain early and got off at the wrong stop, of which the tour guide told me to taxi back to the hotel meeting place. Ya’ll cant be serious when ya’ll call THAT a hotel. More like a 0.1 star horror movie scenery slaughterhouse. Oh my god, ghetto chinese people can just sit the hell DOWN. Damn, how do they even freaking live in that condition is completely beyond me. The “beds” are on top of dusty cement, broken and obviously full of dirt and lice. The kitchen, lets not get into that. I would not sleep there if even someone offered me a million dollars. At the same time, I feel so bad for local people there that will spend their entire life there. Never being able to break out of that poverty cycle. Just glad to be back home. Of which my aunt picked me up and went out to dinner.

 Last tour day came yesterday, Xi’an Horticultural GARDEN EXPO. The joke of the century. Oh my actual god. The “garden” are a bunch of random bamboo sticks and stubby grass. The “museum” buildings are either rest areas of which there’s not even any seats. Yep. So ghetto and freaking ass boiling HOT to the point where I got a 1st degree sunburn. If people call this a “world expo” I really fear for their intelligence level. And lunch and China brand’s “dico” was 3 massive lumps of fried chicken of which I felt like I was gonna puke. Just glad to get out their alive without fainting from a sunstroke. That night we went out for Korean food- douboukki, kimchi, and cold noodles. Their restaurants are so similar to ours, I never thought it J
Last today was spent at the local museum, pretty interesting with many historical artifacts. We went around noon to pick all the pictures from my photoshoot a week ago. Pretty nice shoots, I must say! That took 2 hours…then went to “Bei Lin” a ancient chinese calligraphy site. Very interesting as well, just that today’s weather was too hot. I felt like faint all along the way, probably because I’ve been out nonstop since leaving Vancouver for china. Tomorrow is another long day, we’re seeing the city’s most famous terracotta soldiers until 9 in the evening. Must sleep now. But just thinking of all the different experiences, people, sights I’ve interacted with along the way over the past few weeks. Well worth it, more then worth it! J nacht.

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