Day 3: another day in Xi an

By Cathy H - 2:50 AM

Today was just a chillax day with my aunt! We went out for breakfast at this little store.. had this soup thing with lamb meat & bread, apparently it’s a speciality there. I loved it and wished in Canada there was so much variety like this … then we went to the cell phone store to get my a phone card, was in the line for a long time but at last got my number (etc). I checked all my social networking sites there, and ended up not being able to access anything except for weibo. That’s fine with me I guess, traveling doesn’t leave me much time to update my sites anyways. Then we went to METRO, which equates to our Costco with huge packaged goods & yearly membership cards. I cant believe everything (food, imported goods) can be found here like in Canada. It’s almost exactly the same! Thank god we found a universal adapter for me, or else I wouldn’t be able to use all my electronic plug ins. Also saw 2 foreigners for the first time…2 black men shopping too J I saw a deutsch flag too. It seemed so out of place in the midst of all the business & old buildings with all chinese letters. I don’t know why..everytime I see something from Germany or the german flag I feel right at home. I guess I was meant to be born german J Lastly, after buying all the snacks & goods needed to bring to my 6 day tour tomorrow, we headed out again for dinner. It was chicken, some local specialty vegetable dishes, and a kind of thin noodle that was a bit sour. It was good! The food there is seriously amazing, cant find anything like these local eateries in north America. Also, ironically on the way out of the restaurant I saw the guy that was sitting next to me in the airport waiting area when the Xi’an flight was delayed by 4 hours. I was so shocked, and he was so shocked as well. I mean, what are the chances that we both happened to go to the same restaurant, at the same time, of all the places… weird eh? Now I’m just home about to go to bed. Gotta get my energy level up for my epic tour tommorw, which is a 3 hour plane ride away. It feels like Vancouver was a place in my past life.. and I’ve only been away for how long… 3 days? Feels like every flight I take, is farther away from home and the life I’ve lived. I feel at home in China, really. Not homesick at all. I guess I’m meant to be independent? Anyway, time to catch some sleep. Tschuss!

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