Day 5 & Beyond: Life in Xian & photoshoot!

By Cathy H - 3:56 AM

Starting Friday, I was on the train back to Xi’an. The train was quite an interesting experience, a bit boring but regardless I felt like everyone was very open and friendly. There were people interacting, cute little kids fooling around, and I just mopped around listening to my music and going to the train compartment’s meal section to eat lunch and dinner. It had a harry potter feel to it, but was obviously squishy and not very sanitary, like the rest of china. We passed by many desert, as well as rural mountainous areas. The train is a great place to reflect upon life and be in peace. Just lying in my upper bunk, thinking things over… and also texting with all the friends I met in my tour group, they’re so cute.  I realize I like China boys here, they’re all very down to earth and respective towards girls, expressing chivalry. I cant find any  chinese guys like that in Vancouver. Anyway, we finally arrived at the train station after 24 hours! The way out was pretty squished,  but by now I’m used to China’s squishy atmosphere. I don’t mind at all, I like the people here. Very laid back, easygoing . Finally, back to Xi’an! I took a shower, organized all my luggage and never went out on that day. That night, we went out for dinner- specialty “Beijing” dish which is duck skin, caramel potatoes and some random dishes. Really good! That dinner was eaten at almost 10 PM, late eh. Since I arrived at China, I’ve never had a rest day once. Everyday begins at 7 and ends at midnight. Feels great. Yesterday, me and my aunt went to book my photo shoot date which was today! And also, went to the local tourist company to book another tour. It was supposed to be a 6 day tour, but unfortunately my parents rejected that idea and told me to just stay around Xi’an. Fearing for my safety perhaps? That’s ok with me, I don’t wanna stay alone and ride the tour bus for 2342342 hours again. Come today, went for photoshoot at 8 in the morning. Had Mcdonald’s sausage. It took the freaking entire day, all the way till 6 in the evening. The makeup artist did mine really light, as well as the fake lashes and eyelid tape was done very precise and lightly. The first was a kawaii Japanese theme, full of colors. Then a urban theme which was shot outside. It was really weird with people staring like I was a real model. The third was a calm dark portrait which apparently didn’t go too well for me because I was not allowed to smile so I looked really fierce. I don’t know how to look “soft” with my eyes!
The third was some outdated breakfast theme, which looked more like some weird farm girl outfit. But regardless, went pretty well. The last, we brought! This really Japanese kimino like clothing. My makeup was redone like a geisha, and I even wore the japnese wooden slippers. After that was done! I really loved one of the assistance of the phothographer. So cute I just wanted to pinch his cheeks and pat his head. How do I begin to explain. Really polite, courteous, very modest. Though hes not the best looking or some high class person, I realize more and more from this trip I was never looking for someone with only a good appearance. Personality really attracts much more than looks. I cant explain, when people act like that toward me, all I want to do is reach out and give them a hug~ For dinner we went out for noodles and lamb kabobs, laughing all the way. Life here is really chill, no worries or stress. Home feels here, in China. Not in Canada. I want to come back to find a date like these boys here, full of class. KEEP IT CLASSY. This week is a 3 day tour around the city, gotta wake up early tomorrow again. Nachtiii

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