Day 2: Arrival in Xi'an

By Cathy H - 2:47 AM

I was up at 9AM early morniing to get ready for my flight. I finally got to see Beijing without the horrible rain & fog from the previous night! It’s acrtually such a busy, never ending city full of high rises on literally every single block. The traffic was much better driving to the airport..but the flight was delayed. Not just a few minutes, but by 3 HOURS. It was due to the thunderstorm conditions, so no planes could travel there. I certainly got more than enough time to take in the ~*airport atmosphere*~ I’ve always loved. This time however, all I saw was rude, impatient people demanding flight times. Well…I guess that’s how everybody in China is like, again the “everybody for themselves” mentality. I guess that’s what happens after living in such a high populated and busy society. Anyway, I got a stuffed porcupine that can fold into a ball J I just cant resist stuffed toys…people must’ve thought I was crazy kissing & holding it while in the airport waiting room. I also got KFC, which I had no appetite eating because I was way too worried about my delayed flight. FINALLY, our gate number was called and on the plane we all went! Apparently I look nothing like a chinese person, because the guy beside me on the plane kept asking “are you of chinese descent” I don’t think I look that foreign…eh? Anyway, this plane was much faster than the one coming to Beijing from Vancouver, ofcourse! Before I knew it we were there. The weather isn’t all too bad, but maybe beacause I arrived at late afternoon so the temperature already cooled down. Apparently the highest temperature here can be around 40 degrees. The airport luggage claims/customs are much simpler than I thought. So when I got everything & went out of the claims area I saw my aunt right away! Even she didn’t recognize me…. wierd :/ I don’t think I changed that much!  We were just making small talks on the way there, and I couldn’t help but notice how poor the people there (in specific areas) are. There are some that fix cars, fix shoes, carrying heavy loads on bikes… I just feel so bad for them? Because basically China’s society doesn’t give anybody a chance to leap ahead. One’s born environment are what they’re stuck with forever. Finally, we arrived at her apartment which is brand-new and very western like. After my stuff was settled we went out for lamb/meat kabobs and other delacacies. Fit my taste just right! Today still went pretty smoothly despite waiting for delayed flights… that’s all for now! ciaoo

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