Day 4: Arrivial at Jia Yu Guan

By Cathy H - 3:49 AM

Today was another travel/flight day. I arrived at the Xi’an airport at around 12:00 noon, BUT just my freaking luck..the airplane was delayed AGAIN by 2 hours. I was about to explode,seriously. Thank god I didn’t, or else people will actually think I’m mentally challenges..but this type of thing is getting freaking annoying. I understand that airplanes often become delayed, but they shouldn’t wait until the passengers are already at the waiting gate to announce it. I was just sitting up in the airport thinking, wow. Why am I here, all by myself about to embark on a 6 day tour I know nothing about..thousands of miles away from home? It is seriously a strange feeling, like I’m in some sort of dream world. After what seemed like forever, the airplane finally could be boarded. I thought I’d never say this, because I’ve always absolutely loved airport/hotels/airplanes..but I’ve enough of these. Thank god the tour person actually waited it out to pick me up from the airport to my hotel. One person, 2 beds! Feels so weird staying all alone like this…as if I’m missing something, like a part of myself. I’m usually always out with friends & laughing 24/7. China somehow made me more calm? This is ironic because the people here have absolutely no patience. I managed to buy dinner( lamb noodles & sesame balls) all by myself from the hotel restaurant downstairs! But the 2 workers there brought up my meal for me. In the way asking, where was I from? I said Canada, they didnt even know where that was…so I explained it’s beside USA. I just feel so bad for them, & the local people there. They’ll never get to travel, make something of themselves other than labour work. No opportunity to break out from their born environment. I can’t explain, the economic difference between people here are much too great. So another days passed, tommorow the first day of my tour! Nacht~

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