Day 1: Arrival in Beijing

By Cathy H - 2:46 AM

Bits & pieces of entries I wrote there. It was such an undescribable, amazing trip :'')

Today was the first day of my China trip. Saying goodbye to my parents was actually pretty bittersweet because I’ve never been away from them for longer than a week. Thank god the young woman beside me on the plane seat (which I sat in the wrong one at first) was nice & friendly. I watched two movies that were really intense & was squirming in my seat from fear the whole time.. LOL. It was a hell-ish long flight that made me think twice about ~*loving to travel*~ because it’s NOT fun counting down the hours from 10, while the plane was on the runway at arrival for almost 30 minutes because the Beijing weather was thunderstorms & HEAVY rain. I felt really bad for my uncle that he had to pick me up from the airport on such a bad weather like this. We bonded right away & as we drove throughout the city, the the traffic being terribly unbearable I was brought to the knowledge of China’s corrupt system. Basically the government doesn’t fund many of the basic right needs for each citizen, causing outbreaks and conficts as well as bad morals among people. Take the hospital for example, since theres no free medical care..the poor people blame the doctors and demand a refund if they cant save the patient. Rich people get an advantage, and most doctors only learn how to market off rich patients. This system completely scares me, of which I predict that China will turn into a country where everyone is for themselves. Even driving on the highway, the difference between the poverty and wealth gap was very evident. There were people standing in the pouring rain waiting for buses, bicycle services- contrasting to rich businessmen in there audis & BMW’s. I’ve never seen that many audi’s in my life until tonight! This kind of place, especially people’s mentality scares me. I just wish there was something to be done to make us fair equal… anyways I haven’t slept for more then 24 hours & tomorrow I’ll be heading to Xi’an! It’s going to be a very tightly packed schedule. I have confidence I can handle it after I went through the luggage claim/boarding/custom passage by myself this afternoon. Here’s to the beginning of an amazing trip!\

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