Day 4: Mo Gao Ku Temple/Desert

By Cathy H - 3:51 AM

Yesterday was an all driving day. Let’s just say I have no reason to stay positive yesterday. 6 hours of riding an ghetto tour bus WITHOUt air conditioner. Yea. And apparently all the people riding the tour bus here are divided to separate groups. I’m just tired of eating out,living and being alone. It doesn’t suit me at all. I need friends, people! But we’re on our way to the first tourist spot now, hope today goes well…

Today was the best day I’ve ever had! It was really such a fulfilled day. We started off in the morning going to some boring temple full of buddha/ancient chinese painting history. No offense, but I really don’t give a damn about Chinese tales or whatever buddha/warrior/king was the most superior. Anyway, then we headed to lunch of which I shared in the same restaurant with the rest of my tour group. I have no idea why my aunt didn’t just pay the extra meal-included component. It is such a hassle worrying about my next meal. Onto the best tourist spot, a freaking desert! That’s right, a legit desert like in the middle east. We drove a yellow jeep inside, ON the desert sand. So surreal, most definitely. We all had to wear Neon orange shoe covers to prevent sand from entering our shoes. Our first tourist spot- me & 2 other guys from my tour group tobogganed down in the sand. Kind of like sliding but super fast speed, with sand blowing in our faces. The climb UP was pure torture, even the guys were like ,”are you ok..?” but ofcourse I can handle any physical barriers after that PARE training period in my police course. That was amazing experience…it was well worth the torturous ride here & being alone all the time. The other side of the desert held a lake, which is pretty famous. The pictures I took from there are absolutely surreal. I’m pretty used to getting around on my own now…I guess I adapt pretty quickly to any environment. I thank COAST for that. People keep calling me “beautiful girl” here which makes me feel really awkward…it’s either that or “are you really Chinese & from china?” or “holy…how could you be so brave to venture China all by yourself?” yea, everybody asks this … I feel like people look at me wierdly on the streets too… After dinner, of which I got take-out from the same restaurant I received a call from the 2 guys from my tour group, that I had lost my jacket on the bus & they wanted to give it to me. I suggested, let’s walk around too, so we did! I really love guys like them, because they’re full of chivalry & class. Not too show-offy & arrogant or airheaded. We compared our lives between Beijing & Canada along the was a great atmosphere! They are the first whole-hearted, kind boys I’ve seen. So calm, understand, without bad intetions. I wish to have a friend like them in Canada too…& I’m so glad they would show me around the town like this. I really appreciate that in this society full of lies & bad things…even taxied me to my hotel & exchanged contact info. I wish to keep in touch. Too bad they’re heading somewhere else tomorrow. I know for the first time today,guys like this really do exist. Tonight was great, one of a kind :) i realize i love kind people. anyway, I must sleep now cuz the tour guide’s coming at 6:00 AM..keeps getting earlier & earlier 0___o tschüsssss

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