MONTREAL 2013 Day 1: Fireworks and Apartment

By Cathy H - 6:22 PM

Got off our plane and straight to our new place. It is so close to Old Montreal/Old Port which is fortunate because Saint Laurent Boulevard is where everything happens! The moment I stepped in the house I totally fell in love because it was just like I imagined. Very antique and a nice Victorian feeling, you wont find these types of houses in Vancouver. It reminds me of a European loft with alot of personalization such as the red cabinets and furniture as well as interior design. I love everything vintage and European feeling so I am very happy with the place we got! After some cleaning and sorting out, we went to see the fireworks as it was Canada's Day. The first thing I noticed is how LIVELY Montreal is compared to Vancouver..everybody's out at night and looking for ways to socialize. The first day ended on a nice note!

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