MONTREAL 2013: Otaku Manga Lounge+BIG JAPAN Drinks

By Cathy H - 9:55 PM

We were searching up cafes and since one of my friends is a big anime fan we decided to check this one out. The interior design is beautiful, and the manga collection is extensive..except it was all in French with some Japanese comics. We ordered some legit Mochi ice cream good! I had mango and greentea. Than we found out the cafe charged $5/hour for reading there so since we don't read French we decided to head to a nearby park. The weather there was so strange..sunny when we sat on a bench but the wind started picking up and building until it felt like a hurricane. I felt like I was in "The Day After Tommorow" film, it was crazy. That day, we were all soaked and than went to Frite Alors for poutine. Only pro was they had crayons which we drew our new friend :) The poutine was mediocre though. At night we went out for drinks (but I had a matcha smoothie) while watching my friends finish the whole pitcher of gin and than go out clubbing while I went home and enjoyed some alone time. 

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