MONTREAL 2013: Mount Royal Scenery

By Cathy H - 8:38 PM

The day started by meeting up with a new friend we met outside the Clubs outside our place. Montreal is a very social place where strangers always converse with each other and give each other suggestions. Even more if there's 3 asian tourist girls wandering around like us...we always got alot of "Konichiwas" and "Ni Hao" from strangers on the street because the population there is probably 50/50 white and black people. I guess we're a rarity :) Anyway, our new friend introduced us to his friend who turns out to be a rapper...and who we talked about for the rest of the trip. Anyway, he drove us to Mount Royal where it overlooks the entire city and than had dinner together. He likes the same books as me and positive thinking as well, his slogan is always "LIFE IS GOOD, LET 'EM KNOW!" and throughout the whole trip we found ourselves saying it when we got into mad moods or wierd situations haha. Nevertheless, it was a great day!

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