MONTREAL 2013: St.Viateur Cafe Bagels+Schwartz+Soccer Match!

By Cathy H - 10:04 PM

On my second last day, we tried the Montreal bagels as it was apparently famous. I found it mediocre but liked the designs and idea of the toppings and options. Than we met up with some new friends and watched a soccer match between Montreal and Dallas. Nobody scored but I was very intrigued the whole time, my concentration levels when watching sports is hardcore unlike when I watch movies with friends and end up on my phone. Than we went to the famous vegan place Aux Vires for dinner and I had a Dragon Sandwich. Throughout the trip we been to many vegan places but I just find myself craving junk foods and meat more and more. Even though the idea is healthy...I just cant imagine myself making some Kale smoothie and substituting steak for tofu burgers. On my last day before airport, we finally tried out Schwartz the famous smoked meat place. It was a nice end to the trip with a city specialty lunch :) 
Overall I rate this trip 8/10 because it taught me alot about myself as a person in terms of my limits, how I cope living without family and my preferences and such. I am proud to say I never picked a fight with any of my friends, I was in a good mood 95% of the time literally. I learned that I am a generally a very happy person except when people went out of their way to make me mad. I had a fight with a rude sales lady at a store and another with one of the guys we met that was not acting respectful. But asides, I learned that family is everything! I may have survived a month on my own but that was without any bills to pay, always eating out and being a tourist and no school. I think it's better I stay close to home.  Also, I don't mind doing my own thing and also don't like taking risks and "seeing how it goes", therefore I think I trust myself on vacations more now :) I also read alot on Budhha practices throughout the trip and when I came home, I felt more peaceful and mentally relaxed than ever. I also learned not to take my house for granted because food in the fridge and a bed to come to...that's a nice feeling after being out for so long.

I'm going on another adventure next week to Washington and this time I'll try to make pictures with my DSLR! Even though I brought it to Montreal, it was just too heavy and hot in the weather to carry around. My friends are going to be back from Montreal August 1st so I wish them the best while they enjoy the last few days there :) This summer is going amazing! 


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