MONTREAL 2013: Jacques Cartier Market+Shopping

By Cathy H - 8:29 PM

This fruit market was so abundant and cheap! They literally sold a bucket of peaches for $3 and we were so sad because we wanted to buy everything but couldn't carry it so far back home so we ended up buying 2 cucumbers for $1. We went to the Gay Village than downtown for some shopping, had the best bubble tea ever of pure tea leaves! I also found it funny thinking back that we splurge on everything else on this trip except for ESSENTIALS such as milk,eggs,vegetables that cost the least. Throughout the whole trip we had alot of midnight baking sessions but NEVER with milk and eggs. Nobody wanted to pay for it and our fridge was always empty or with a few vegetables...even on the last day my friends were going to buy garbage bags at Dollarrama (which we walked 30 minutes to get basic supplies for cheap on the first day) but one friend said "nawww we can make due until we leave...we have shopping bags that can last us." I think we overall each spent $5 a week on grocery but over $200 a week on dining out. Now I can master from scratch haha :) 

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