MONTREAL 2013: Just for Laughs Festival+Clubbing @ ROUGE

By Cathy H - 8:52 PM

After the Jazz Festivals ended, the Just For Laughs festival took over and every night there was live music and performances followed by an EDM DJ. We also went clubbing at Rouge again but came back early because we were tired. What I discovered, or confirmed about myself on this trip is that I HATE loud noisy environments such as clubs, heavy drinking and getting hit on by random guys. I found myself dreading the thought the clubbing by the end of the trip even though I had fun getting ready, I guess I dont like the negative attention of getting checked out by random people not allowing me to just enjoy the music and dance. Also, I never touched ANY alcohol except for a cocktail. I feel like I have a phobia toward drugs/alcohol now because both make me feel extremely paranoid and dizzy. Before I'd take shots because all my friends are doing it but now I literally reject it despite making me look like a loser the point where we were at these guy's house one night and I had a shot of water when we all said "cheers". I think I just need to be in control of my behaviour and situation at all times, and I'd rather watch dramas and bake at night than flirting and dancing with some strange guy I guess. Anyway, I do think the guys at clubs there are more European looking and cuter!

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