A Dash of Multiverse Theory

By Cathy H - 7:02 PM

What if, there are many alternative versions of a single person that exist across a series of parallel universes? For example, I go to the grocery store today. I chose to buy a hat and so forth events unfold naturally. But the me that DID NOT buy the hat, that pathway would unfold separately although not differently or just by a fraction of a difference affecting my everyday life, nonetheless I am still that new me, after making that choice of “buying the hat” until I make the next choice, and branch off into a different pathway and become another version of me again. So here’s the thing, what if my consciousness today is just ONE version of me, from a series of decisions and pathways I’ve made throughout the course of my life. But simultaneously, there are many other versions of me existing right now as I’m typing this, aware of their own consciousness with a active mind and making further decisions that branch off into their respective choices. So ultimately, there is no such thing as a ME. Humans are just a result of a series of experiences and decisions but since we cannot comprehend these multitude of experiences so we think it is just US, one person experiencing them.

But…maybe every single moment we “die” and become a new version of ourselves. We are no longer the same person with every small decision we make. The me that decides to eat the dumpling tonight will inevitably branch off into another me, the me that DID NOT eat the dumping will become another me as well- determined by pathways. Some things in life require big decisions, some require small decisions.  But these will all invariably change us at the end. So…there is ultimately no concrete “me” but it is a concept. Every single moment we die to past decisions, that in turn shape us down a different pathway and future.

Which makes me believe in something but I’m not quite sure what. Some of the most valued people in my life have been extremely random chance encounters- in foreign countries, on the internet etc. which makes me think, do humans have any free will at all? What if these “chance encounters” are in fact extremely meaningful to our growth that we must inevitably experience, and are already planned by the universe? What if everything was already premeditated & however much freedom we THINK we have, is not real freedom at all because sooner or later- we are destined to meet these people experience, these things, and choose this certain way of life? Ofcourse, I am only speaking as a potential ONE version of me out of billions and billions of alternative me’s that are existing right now in another dimension.

So, if there’s no concrete continuous version of “me” than I am, after all just a bunch of atoms experiencing events and branching off to other parts of something else I cannot comprehend. It really makes me think that living as this version of “me”, everything is already premediated and despite thinking I have the upper hand in life to decide my future, my partner, my success, my experiences, my downfalls etc. maybe we are meant to sit back and deal with situations as best we can because whatever is about to come cannot be prevented. Kind of like Final Destination movie series.  I think its easier living like this anyway. And the reason we struggle is that we do not believe the universe is on our side & always burdened by the past and in fear of the future. But the past “me” has died, and every moment the present “me” dies and becomes a new “me”.  And the future may be planned already in the most discrete ways. So than, what is there to be afraid of?

But, that’s just a theory though.

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