CAMBODIA SIEM REAP 2016: Angkor Wat, Bayon, Ta Prohm (Tomb Raider) Temples

By Cathy H - 6:35 PM

On day 2 in Siem Reap, I booked the full day tour of the main temples I wanted to see- predominantly Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm temple because they were the most famous ones. There were also other small temples I see, along with a 3 hour wait on a mountain top temple to see a sunset which was very anticlimaxical. However, I met a nice British boy from my tour group and kept each other company for the whole wait and went together for the next day tour as well. The temples are definitely a cross off my bucket list, but I would not do it again due to the overload of information from the tour guide, mass confusion of getting separated from the tour group, and the unrelentless heat of Cambodia that started from noon. The heat was seriously unexpected because I thought, well it's winter! It might be cool. But, it was unforgivable and I literally drank 4 smoothies in a day to prevent getting a heat stroke. It was definitely intense, but the temples were beautiful in their ancient carvings and worn down conditions added to that archaelogical ruin feel of the whole thing. 

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