HAWAII BIG ISLAND 2016 : Mauna Kea Observatory

By Cathy H - 8:39 PM

This attraction was the most spectacular and unexpected part of the trip. I expected beaches, volcanoes and mountains, but not driving 4200 meters up in -1 degree weather above clouds to see the sunset.  Every visitor had to adjust to the climate first in a lower point which was the visitors area before driving up. I was ill prepared and only wore a dress, so I had to change into pants which was very smart because the weather felt like Siberia up there. It was so cold I couldn't stay outside for longer than 5 minutes, but doing that of the photography was worth it. The whole "above heavens" experience was ethereal and felt like something from a science fiction movie. Some parts reminded me of mars due to the space stations, which holds some of the most sophisticated telescopes in the world. Everything was extremely pristine and beautiful. It was definitely the best sunset I will ever see in my life and unlike anywhere I've ever been in my life.

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