HAWAII BIG ISLAND 2016: Kaloko-Honokohau Beach Park

By Cathy H - 8:48 PM

On the second last day, we visited one of the famous national parks on the island and it had some great scenery for photography. At this point, I was burnt beyond the point of recognition but enjoying my time in the sun still. It had some sculptures, a mini outdoor exhibition and a small site for snorkelling purposes but we only walked around for a while.  Overall, this trip was everything I expected and didn't expect at the same time. I'm just very grateful that I got to travel so much in the short span of 3 months.  These experiences stay with me beyond the trip time itself and holds a deeper meaning than just a "fun in the sun" vacation. Travelling keeps me motivated and inspired because I see how much the world has to offer to me. It is my goal to travel as much as I can throughout my life. But this year, after boarding 10 flights in 3 months I am pretty exhausted of this routine. Next year, I'll definitely plan more places again but 2016 has been amazing so far as I have visited 5 countries so far. 

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