HAWAII BIG ISLAND 2016: Green Sands Beach & Farmer's Market

By Cathy H - 8:32 PM

Halfway through our trip, we made the long drive to the Southern most tip of the island, or the United States in general. Even though it was called "green sands beach" the sand color was just a dark brown, I guess it had something to do with the tide levels so we didn't get to see the green sands. Driving there was treacherous, literally through a series of rocks and jagged valleys, followed by a steep climb down to the beach. It was very beautiful and worthwhile in my opinion, the weather was perfect. The next day, we headed to a waterfall and farmer's market in Hilo. The weather was terrible and rainy because we were on the rainy side of the island, but the market was interesting as I got to see the local fruits and try spam musubi. 

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