Gyeongbuk Regional Orientation 2015

By Cathy H - 6:01 AM

This week marked the last of orientation. We met our regional coordinators and stayed at Mungyeong for 5 days total. We did a praticum, some more lectures, and cultural trips such as Museum visits and making pottery. It was a really chill time because there were only 16 of us left at this point. It's funny that when I left home, I wasn't extremely upset to leave anyone behind. But when we all got on the bus to leave Busan for our next venue and seeing all the staff waving goodbye and my friends leave one by one to all different parts of Korea made me extremely sad! Now, I'm sitting in my new apartment being alone and feel weird about this whole experience. Somedays I wake up and I feel like I'm dreaming. It's just the amount of people, new places, and experience I been through the past month as well as the crazy amount of lectures is so overwhelming..but in a good way. But now I'm really "on my own" it feels so strange. And my new friends are kind of like my new home...we didn't come from the same background but we came for this thing together..and we bonded so well. There's so many special people I met so far, and even though I KNOW there will be struggles I think I can overcome that with my strange sense of humour in every aspect of life haha. cheers xx

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