Busan TaLK Orientation 2015

By Cathy H - 6:46 AM

Im finally in Korea after a helllish long flight for 16H plus another 5 H of waiting in airport. Never take freedom of walking for granted.  I only slept 1.5 in almost 2 days but im holding it out strong. Everything is so surreal even now, I've probably made a dozen new friends and everyone is so nice like we can help each other.  I made good friends with another Canadian and a British couple,  they were so cute!! I immediately thought of Ash Stymest/Skins.  We went out for a stroll and drinks at night and I keep on blinking to see if I am actually here.
There is so much to unpack, so many people to meet, so much to do it is overwhelming. But the dorms at this university is so new and clean I am pleasantly surprised. So far everything is going great and I am probably going to the Busan beach tomorrow with my new friends and meeting my friend that'll be in same city as me. Here's some snapshots of my journey! !

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