Park Sora Inspired: Korean Ulzzang MAKEUP

By Cathy H - 8:44 PM

I'm real loving Park Sora and Korean makeup these days! She has extremely delicate features with white skin, straight eyebrows for that innocent look, big eyes and defined cheekbones.

It never looks like she's wearing much makeup because her face is so glowy and flawless- only bold lip color, colored blush and a dash of extended eyeliner. It's so pretty and simple! Less is always more~

New techniques I tried: orange-neutral blush and double eye lids with eyelid glue. I've been debating whether to go for double eyelids or not because everyone around me says monolids are special too, but I find they make eyes look more awake and focused not to mention many times bigger. It's be nice to look like her everyday *____*

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