By Cathy H - 2:17 PM

I find myself not being able to accept people courting to me and thinking they own me after a few dates. I used to be flattered by this attention, but now I just feel sorry for them because they don't understand that getting in a relationship isn't going to SAVE THEM. Whatever void and unrest they have within them is only going to be further perpetrated as time goes on. Anyone that has a hard idea of letting of go of the fact that they simply cannot possesses people, hasn't found themselves yet.
I abhor people calling me tasteless names like their "honey, boo, sweetie" because I simply don't belong to anyone. I find it offensive they can put that kind of title on me as if we had a mutual agreement we were already together without me agreeing. Especially guys that think they can "buy out" girls with money and their simple minds. I've seen people around me worrying themselves to death wondering when a boy is going to come along and "save them" from their loneliness, desperate girls putting themselves in dangerous situations to seek a bit of affection and people in general afraid to lose the other so they strip themselves of all dignity. That is such an meaningless and tiring way to exist, depending on another person's idea of you.

Relationships mean two people have some sort of power and restriction on each other, I don't see how I can deal with that. Sure, there's the possibility of finding some "true love" but in the end I believe it brings more turmoil than love. Some people try to be on the same level with my thinking but they end up losing control and wondering how they can possess someone as soon as they like them. If true love and happiness is really what they chose, they'd know better.

I don't need any affection or reassurance of my worth from relationships, I find it so silly people claim to "solely love each other" .....there are billions of people on the world- how are you sure you've found the one? That's why people want what they can't have and always look for the next best thing. It's just a game and you can't find yourself in it. It is not the most important thing in the world.

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