The power of detachment

By Cathy H - 2:02 AM

It's been a long road of ups and downs this year is 2012. I experienced many firsts and many losses, follows by gains. The most important lesson I've learned is to not take my present moment for granted, sure there's always room for improvement but in all things considered it would be a sin for me to not be grateful because I've simply been blessed with so much.

I've learned that everything leaves and dissipates with time, this is only the natural cycle. I've said this before but since September I've truly made inner peace my top priority in life. As eckhart tolle said "if something was what you wanted...nothing comes before it" and I've made that decision and kept walking down that path since.
I've learned to not label anything, to let things be, to be in one with whatever moment I am in now. And with that truly came the peace I've searched for...the realization that the ego will never deem any point of my life enough. So this moment IS enough, I don't need any future events or people to complete it.

I think things happened in such a state of ease ever since, I realized how tiring it was to hate what people do and how they treat me..they are simply unconscious, with no choice. How can you expect people like this to give you everything you want? You can't. They are every bit as indecisive as my past self.
With the realization of this, I hope to continue in this state and keep practicing this mental state I've decided to walk down. I am enough for myself. No matter who,where and when things happen.

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