By Cathy H - 1:43 AM

I finished reading this book during my vacation and just want to write some insights.

This book made me realize how fragile the human sentiment is, how easily people can be broken. It's kind of nostalgic and the characters give a sense of distance, yet this is a love story. It shows how love can take many forms, not necessarily a typical one of being devoted with roses and presents- the whole material definition. Instead, it's something that can't be touched the boy lost Nakao to the sanitarium and later to suicide. Though it was mainly through exchange of letters, the bond was so strong they were each other's reasons for keeping sane.

What I love about Murakumi's books is the way he writes all his character as being broken, with a ongoing internal conflict. A bit like the dialogue everybody has with themselves before bed about their life, but can't ever put into sense to say. How people can be damaged beyond repair for seemingly insignificant events. How you could have the world on the outside but be absolutely void on the inside.

I think it goes deep surrounding loss experienced by all the characters, that no matter what happens it only becomes a part of you and you continuously carry it through. How unpredictable the outside world all the characters trying to have their guard up to protect themselves all fail in the end.

If love is there in the first place, it is always there. Time and presence isn't important, just the memories left. Even when things because unbearable you must push through and grow up. The books reminds me how hard it is to just without any limits and how hard it is to be free from you mind.

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