The Art of Gratitude

By Cathy H - 3:31 AM

I was thinking the whole day why people seem to be missing the main point of life. Over dinner my parents kept talking about the future, the perfect husband, perfect job, their friend's misfortunes, fights, problems piled upon problems. How I'm supposed to avoid these misfortunes, how people wanna use me and even how my ex wanted to use me to get a permanent resident visa in Canada. How I should be joining more clubs, integrating myself more, anyway..nothing is enough at the moment and the whole world seems to be suffering and carrying burdens of problems.

I just feel like everyone's missing the main point in life- that living is on a continuum and no day spent is ever going turn back again. I feel like people just involve themselves in pointless dramas and a obsessive search for perfection in the future that they can't live properly now. And people need to feel superior, prevent others from "taking advantage" and all this picking apart each other as if we were born into this world to be hateful and jealous.

Truth is, there's nothing to chase. The fact that everyone around you is healthy and you're not living in civil strife and terrible corruption is enough to be satisfied with. Every other unsatisfaction is created by the mind. Ever realized how small the brain is...compared to its enormous influence in convincing everyone that everything is so dreadful and conflict that they start loathing their existence? It's sad because people are tricked by this little "game" that they can win over others and gain more. What people don't realize is that we are all one, all connected. We just share this time on earth, the people you meet don't have it easy, so making other suffer because others are making you suffer just perpetuates this whole cycle. We were not born into this world for this, if people can slow their minds down and stop trying to control everything, peace would actually come.

Because no matter what you do with your life, how beautiful, how much money, how much power..all you have at the end of life is a small "-" for everything you stood for. Say I died tomorrow than my dash would be 1993-2012. Maybe if you achieved something great you get a longer dash. But that's ALL. People should not waste their life chasing and making conflicts with one another, than at the end realize they have never felt peaceful for a moment because they were sure in the some period they would be completely happy. IT WON'T COME. Peace and love is found within, here and now. Stop looking elsewhere, and start living.

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