End of the Year Reflection

By Cathy H - 1:23 AM

Just a few more days to 2013 and I just want to write a few thoughts down.

I learned to take things lightly, not so heavily and seriously. Nothing turns out as serious as my minds projects it. I think before I wasn't really living...I was wanting to be someone better, have something better or somewhere better. That feeling was like being short of breath, gradually I learned to let go of all the things that weighed me down. If I could have all those moments back when I simply didn't care at all what the outcome would turn out..now it's a shame how many days I wasted wishing I were somewhere else.

And truthfully the biggest lesson I learned about people is that they are fleeting in nature and done know what they want. I mean, we generally know the direction life goes. But when it comes down to relationships and interactions even the person we thought we wanted to be with might turn out a negative. There no guarantee in this world, it's not unfair, it's just a fact. I just realized how many problems exist in each of us and our lives, it always made me wonder how seemingly minuscule those problems may be to others but so familiar and of gravity to us. In this way, I feel sorry for everyone in a way, we all go about everyday doing things and thinking internally.

I learned to be still within myself, to drop all those expectations and impossible circumstances I always wished for. I learned to take everything one day at a time, sometimes it's nice to know I'm alive and well. I don't know how to describe it, but to know I'm a living breathing person with the chance to wake up every morning to a environment of my own freedom, is a miracle in itself. Especially in the 1st world people lose sight of that, too many comparisons and material achievements get in the way. I don't really need to compare myself with others having more or less, simply because they are not me.

There is only one me, one life situation and talents and dreams belonging to ME. Who cares when I went wrong and when I picked myself up again, it is just another life story. Many good things happened this year in the context of life situation, and no matter what happens next, whether bad or good will add to my experiences. My life as a being remains unfaltered, my life is the true ME.

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