By Cathy H - 2:37 PM

You know that feeling of finally seeing a place materialize in front of your eyes after envisioning it in your head for a long time? That's London to me. As part of me and my friend's Dubai 2017 trip, British Airways landed in UK with a 6 hour layover- giving us just enough time to visit one of the main tourist attractions. All the houses were like privet drive from Harry Potter, it was a lazy Sunday morning with barely anyone walking on the roads. The feeling was absolutely surreal. When we finally arrived a Windsor castle, everything I ever imagined about what London would be like came true. From the fancy McDonalds buildings, to the majestic castle, to the instagram friendly colourful architectures dotting the streets. We even had time to get souvenirs, which I never thought we could pull off! This was my first preview of Europe, and it was definitely amazing.

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  1. I've never been here but I'll visit it soon. I'm so excited. Your photos are amazing!

  2. Oh, this is where royal weddings are made! Lovely...

  3. Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world and The Queen's favorite weekend home. You got the nice pic!