Shanghai, China 2017: The Bund, Downtown, Shanghai Tower, Pearl Tower

By Cathy H - 8:24 PM

 I had a few hours to see Shanghai on my way to Korea, and was very pleasantly surprised at the amount of infrastructure and advancement that China has seen over the past few years. This skyline rivals Dubai downtown, and that's saying alot because up from the Burj Khalifa, the downtown night scene was incomparable. Even though I didn't go on the 118th deck of Shanghai Tower, the night view and buildings is comparable to none other I seen aside from Dubai. I got to see the Huangpu river and the backdrop as well. Overall, a very nice observatory tower even though its not the tallest. It has the most character!

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  1. It looks beautiful but I think I wouldn't want to visit...I'm just really scared of heights!

  2. I love all your post! Shanghai Tower is very easy to be seen from the Bund and many other different places in the city.