The Dream of Life (Alan Watts)

By Cathy H - 11:36 PM

The dream of a life. I've heard this excerpt over and over again. Struggling to understand the meaning. But than one morning I was listening to this with intent, and it struck me with great clarity. This spoke to me in the sense that the perfect dream or lifespan really doesn't exist.  Because whatever dreams are reached, there is a internal dissatisfaction with it deep within. He speaks of being more adventorous with dreams, and instead of 100% control letting go to let the unexpected happen. And that makes up a life. Suddenly I felt like this was the exact life, I myself chose to live.  The flaws, the discolorations that make up each day, the mind numbing moments, and all the static moments I slowed down to really think about it all.  Maybe these are meant to come hand in hand with total gratification, and those ever so brief moments of pure contentment.

The idea that even if one could choose their ideal life, but end up choosing the one they live now struck me as both perfectly conceivable but also unimaginable. What if one's entire life was in fact a dream, and even with all the moments of suffering and loss, was something they willing choose to experience? There are so many questions.  What I took away from this was to let things run their course, that there is no running from anything at all, because it will end anyways. The dream will fade out eventually. This small space of time was just a blink of the eye. Because what occasionally hits me, is that even my consciousness will not last forever. And everything is so fragile. Humans are, after all the only creatures that are born with the consciousness knowing of their eventual fate and live out their entire lives seeking purpose and meaning.  But really, is this life just a fragment of an infinite possibility of dreams? To comprehend the sheer insignificance was this present life is an uncomfortable thought, but at the same time very necessary. 

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  1. Nice video!so much information and very inspiring.

  2. All our dreams do come true. Very inspiring video!

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