Korea, Seoul 2017: Myeongdong & STYLENANDA Pink Hotel

By Cathy H - 8:45 PM

Myeongdong was another place I never got to visit, therefore I went here to do a wild amount of shopping and see my 3CE idol, Park Sora's flagship store. Finding STYLENANDA Pink Hotel took quite a bit of walking and it was a little hidden, but everything was worth it. The aesthetics were amazing and I am in love with the roof top "Pink Pool" cafe.  Sadly, there wasnt much time to order a drink and lounge around. I definitely would say this is one of the best concept stores I have ever seen. STYLENANDA gives me lots of inspirations when it comes to makeup and fashion! I also met my best friend's Pomeranian, it was one of the reasons that made this trip so worth it!

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  1. Hi beautifuls...

  2. That Pomeranian is the cutest! I'd love to give her a hug if she lets me...

  3. One of the place that my friends keep bugging me to drop by.