Dear Zachary: Documentary Thoughts

By Cathy H - 2:30 AM

I’ve just finished watching this and had me in tears the entire time. Anger, hurt, sadness, and also deep humble-ness and incredulous disbelief at the things the grandparents endured.  Things like this make me wonder why such excessive suffering is necessary sometimes, why a slew of bad events happen like a dominoes effect at those that have been wrecked by tragedy in layers upon layers. 
If I were in the grandparents position I could not imagine pushing through this, let alone come out and advocate for reforms in the corrupt legal system that with its insanely complicated procedures and lack of common sense/tunnel vision, do not seem to protect the very people that need it the most. This case was too much for me to handle, at least how the documentary portrayed it. I do not believe anybody should go through repetitive trauma like Kate and David has, to lose both their son and grandson and be forced to associate and comply with their son's killer and mother of their grandson who was evidently an dangerous premeditated sociopath.  But with tragedy, it has brought their friends and family together and have helped reform laws for child protection. However, it  does not justify the gross justice misconduct and corruption from every aspect of the legal system. That this suffering was all unnecessary and if anyone had the slightest bit of common sense, this could all be prevented. I sincerely pray for peace for the grandparents, and I also wonder who incessant suffering exists without any inherent reason at all. There is loss in life, but than there is LOSS...where sympathy and empathy cannot even begin to comprehend what these people have suffered. A lot of times after learning about something happening to others, I get a strong urge to pray for their wellbeing. Not like I'm religious but I feel that I need to do at least something to "reach out" to them. I don't know, it was a rollercoaster of emotions and I was not expecting that. I only know I am deeply humbled by how these people have dealt with these circumstances and have made something positive from it. 

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