CHINA 2016: Hometown Feelings

By Cathy H - 9:07 PM

On the 3rd day, we went to my dad's hometown for the remaining of my time China. It was quaint, empty, pretty rural but metropolitan at the same time in terms of shopping malls, infrastructures and restaurants. It was evident that there were lots of rich people living there, but at the same time it was SO inconvenient and rural. I kept feeling like I was in North Korea because all social media was blocked and I couldn't even access Google, so I resorted to searching random pages on Yahoo and Tumblr as it was loading at one page every 5 minutes. It was crazy inconvenient considering how much technological advancements China has made, and the data usage fees are crazy expensive and slow.  Honestly, I felt like the last time I came here with rose coloured lenses because I did not enjoy China nearly as much as 5 years ago.  Still the same inequality, crap situations for people who cannot afford any better, inconveniences with the internet and state censorship etc. It was nice seeing relatives at least because I haven't been back in ages, but it definitely did not exceed or meet my expectations.

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