World Crisis: Apocalypse Omen And Conspiracy?

By Cathy H - 1:50 AM

Anyone shocked and baffled at the proximity of the Boston marathon event and the Texas plant explosion that injured 200 with dead toll of at least 70? I know there's more casualties and damage in third world countries but since the media keeps bringing western events to my attention I am going to focus on pondering this.

This week has not even ended yet and these 2 events are literally occurring after each other, both unexpected and causing severe damage. Both in the most random events/areas that aren't even significant if it were terrorist activities eg. Twin Towers/White House. I'm even more disturbed after reading some conspiracy theories on how the US government basically plan these attacks to implement political ideologies in people. It's really scary if you think about it.

For example, the world was told middle eastern terrorists flew those planes through the towers in 9/11 and US immediately tightened security measures, started racial profiling every Muslim/Islamic descent, started war in Iraq and started hoarding resources from already war torn countries. US citizens live in fear through media and it's heightened everytime these "bombings" occur. But some conspiracy documentaries on 9/11 literally show scientific evidence that the speed which buildings fell was near impossible with the angle the planes hit. Apparently bombs were already planted from the inside, that's why the building literally "melted" to the ground even though the structure was meant to withstand the force of the planes. And now, pictures are surfacing that Boston bombing was an inside job and they already have a scapegoat to blame it upon.

I kept thinking about this event and it's seriously odd to be how on a sunny day bombs set off in a traditional sporting event. I feel like all these events that instill mass panic have a hidden this one event after another people are going to start conforming to government believing they'll get protection from harm when really they're ideological slaves kept ignorant through the media. We're taught what to focus on and what to virtually ignore. Media is taking away our ability as critical thinkers. US media never reported the 25 killed in Afghan bomb on the same day, not to mention other countries like Syria and Liberia are virtually nonexistent on our scale of importance. It's discerning because the hospitals there are filled DAILY with probably 10 times as much people suffering from bomb raids. Land mines are everywhere, basically Boston Marathon there everyday. The Texas explosion is straight out of a middle eastern scene with burning buildings everywhere...the events of this week remind me of the things that go on in those warn torn countries everyday, for years.

This world is killing much politics, unfinished war, nuclear threats, "accidental incidents", media brainwashing, concentration camps, government corruption...thinking about this month's news alone gives me a headache. Are we almost at the end of our line? The most important thing is to never let the world take away the critical thinker in V said "You can kill the man, but you can't kill his ideas."

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