Real Talk: Grateful For The Amazing People In Life

By Cathy H - 12:02 AM

I look back on my life now and present and feel so grateful for the right people that came in my life at every moment I need them. I truly believe people come and go for a reason. It would be too coincidental and crazy if all these people I met were due to chance, some things just feel so right. For the person I am, I am honestly not the easiest to love let alone understand. I am indecisive, cannot stand mundanity and always looking for ways to reinvent my very being. I have wronged and pushed many people away for selfish and vain reasons, got close to people for self validating reasons. Because of this, I'd have expected to be hit by karma along the way but instead been blessed with more amazing people and moments entering my life. I feel like people in my life really appreciate and love me, even if they are no longer in my life now, I know I made a big impact in their lives.

I feel like I am always protected by them, I don't really have that "leadership" role in my relationships with people. For the lack of feelings and effort I give in some relationships, it shocks me how much they unconditionally are willing to give me in return. Thats why i always feel so apologetic when thinking about them because I know I could never repay them T.T Despite how seriously crazy I am, people have been able to see the good in me. I always believe in making new experiences and memories, I would jump head first into them without considering anything. My personality enabled me to meet so many interesting people from real life to the most random places. I don't believe in a religious god, but I believe in a spiritual one. It is this force that brought people in my life at my lowest points when nothing went right or I desperately didn't want to be alone. Quality friends are so hard to come by, especially on a soulmate level where we can both connect so well. I'm grateful for these people who are always making me laugh, amusing memories and continuously making me smile for no reason at the thought of them. In some way, I am living for their company because without them I'd lose what I stand for. They make me feel worthy because I have been there through rough times and to many people telling me how my sense of humor cheers them up.

I want to thank this higher force for never giving up on me and forgiving my mistakes, for my awakening last year that enabled me to live with continuous peace. My life must have a purpose because of this and the people that love me so much. We all rush through life with busy minds that concentrate in insignificant things like money, grades, material goods that we hardly stop and experience our aliveness. Every once in a while, taking a look back at the bigger picture which is your life may leave you in awe at how perfectly everything fitted together.

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