Tutorial: How to Create Bokeh Effects with Photoshop/ DSLR camera + How To Adjust Lens Aperture (F Stop)

By Cathy H - 7:41 PM

I been wanting to learn the Bokeh effects forever! It always looked really complicated but can be achieved in a few simple steps.

1. Set Camera to Aperture mode (found in camera settings) and adjust the F Stop to the LOWEST setting (4.0 on mine) 

2. Tweak Exposure settings to adjust brightness/darkness

3. Set Camera to MANUAL FOCUS (because you're going to be adjusting the lens by hand each time) and focus it to lowest settings. The more out of focus, the better bokeh effects!

4. Find a photo background (these pictures were made with transparent foiled paper and lighting) and it should look like a bunch of round lights at this point! Find desired position and shoot. 

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