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By Cathy H - 1:38 AM


This weekend me and my friend are going to a screening of LINK's documentary "DANNY FROM NORTH KOREA." I find it sad that this humanitarian issue isn't as well publicized and supported than others such as poverty in Africa and helping with rights in other poor countries. I think the main reason is that North Korea is commonly seen as a "evil nation" with nuclear weapons and repressive regime. This means no one is allowed inside to help since all abuse of rights and poverty brings shame to their reputation. But I don't understand. Are we just supposed to turn a blind eye and pretend they're a well off nation when they don't even have electricity? This situation is just so frustrating due to their instability nuclear situation and the world dismissing them as a helpless nation.

But we don't really get to hear about the North Korean defectors who face either suicide or successful escape to a safe place. They're usually exploited to sex trade if female and sold to Chinese husband with no identity. If they're caught they face severe punishment and public execution. North Korea humanitarian crisis is really severe..yet even some of my South Korean friends don't know the existence of those concentration camps. Imagine there are people slaving away and getting beaten and starved and dying of horrific diseases and overwork everyday. Just because we don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen, we were all outrageous seeing Nazi camp photos but the worst part is the existence of NK camps are denied entry and existence. It's literally a dead end total control zone for these people. I can't believe some people are still living like this in a century with so much technology and wealth. I just hope someday this craziness and warfare stops. All war is like a double edged sword that hurts both sides.

LINK is the only organization dedicated to this issue while other poverty and human rights issues and countries have countless NGOs aiding and supporting them. If people are so outraged by Nazi camp why are these inhumane treatment still allowed to continue? it really upsets me because NK people are disregarded and ignored. But I'm happy to see they manage to rescue some refugees such as the guy appearing in this documentary I'm going to. His name is Danny and he's the first successfully rescued refugee by LINK. He lives in USA now and leads much better life. GOD BLESS YOU Danny!!

I think what we need to realize that individuals of a country are not to be blamed for political and war sanctions of their country. These are real lives that are suffering and oppressed, and like Danny could have so much more freedom and potential if given the chance and safety. I'm just praying North Korea stops this nuclear war madness and it's citizens gets the basic rights they deserve.

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