Coeur De Pirate & MONTREAL

By Cathy H - 4:19 PM

I'm really loving her french music these days, it always reminds me of sitting in a little colorful cafe under the Eiffel tower drinking rose tea and eating Macaroons with my best friends or the love of my life. It's so romantic and very bittersweet and old fashioned. Her voice and simple piano melodies combined together make the best french music I've ever heard.

PS. I need to start learning French soon for Montreal which will happen in 4 months, so excited about planning and going with friends. Definitely imagining myself outdoors on some sunny patio eating some authentic french food in Petite Italie or Vieux Montreal with Coeur De Pirate's "Cap Diamant" playing while enjoying the city life in our lace dresses. Than shooting nice buildings and sceneries with my DSLR. The mental image gives me amazing flashbacks of the last time I was there! Touchée.

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