By Cathy H - 6:21 PM

This week has been one of the most hectic but amazing week ever. Just got back from Harrison last night, 2 full days outside! By the last meal we were so exhausted that even the delicious seafood dinner wasn't enjoyed as full as we would've. The springs were a bit of a disappointment because it was more like a outdoor pool shaped than natural springs setting like I expected. The hotel was hot as heck!! That was all I said once I got in and kept complaining whole night, pretty crazy. Overall it was a nice and relaxing trip, full of good food and laughs. Today I went to meet 3 of my good I realize how neutral Vancouver life is. I'm about to pack for 2 weeks to Haiwaii, excited! Thanks for all the people these days that let me enjoy my days here before leaving for vacation. I love you ALL!!

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