Cold nostalgia chills me to the bones..

By Cathy H - 1:52 AM

I guess the youth I had in my childhood still remains in me today. I still love stuffed animals, laugh at random times, throw tantrums when I don't get my way, I guess I've always been carefree like this. At the same time I always over worry about every aspect of myself, constantly preparing and scheming.
I remember my childhood in my hometown in China with a very busy schedule. I had the kind of parents who wanted their child to learn as much skills as possible. Dance,music, art ...I've started doing it since I was 4. They didn't want me to grow up typical , so tried hard to give me talents which I could carry with me through my life. I guess I learned from a young age the true value of personal worth. feels like I have basically the same thoughts then and now despite maturing over the years.
I am very certain of who I am as a person and where I'm headed. I'm sure the little me would've agreed. As I flipped through these old pictures I realized time is progressing forward, never rewinding. I want to say one day, I'm living the dream life the 5 year old me always dreamed about. I always knew I had something in me..that if I persevered, I could accomplish it all.

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