By Cathy H - 2:21 AM

Writing from Waikiki beach on my last night here. I fell in love with this island from day one. From the hula dress and coconut bras I wore on the first day with my still pale self in a bikini to now being literally half brown and severely sunburnt, I will always remember this trip just from the tanlines. The local people here all look like they were from twilight Jacobs tribe and a few of them was whistling and trying to hit on me when I was wearing the hula skirt haha :) I did my first snorkeling experience and it was incredible seeing the little fishes of all colors literally swimming right under me. It was also the place where I got severely sunburnt. I will miss the breezy weather, clean environment with palm trees and most of all the amazing beaches with crashing waves and beautiful sand. It feels like I've become one with this island! Wearing lei necklace and flowers everyday enjoying the ocean view...as I head back to vancouver tomorrow I will probably feel severe nostalgia. I'll miss dancing to Kpop on my hotel balcony in mornings and listening to Lana del Rey as I watch sunset on the beach. I'll miss the tourists and most of all the welcoming atmosphere and beautiful weather! Thats what traveling does to you, makes you fall in love with s foreign place and its culture and always feeling a bit of regret when leaving. Im thankful this trip went very smoothly and fun! Mahalo Honolulu for the amazing experience, I will remember it always.

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