How to Edit Selfies and Photos with VSCOcam + MeituPic: Best Photo Editing Apps

By Cathy H - 4:52 AM

Through trial and error over the years, I've finally established a sort of "selfie editing" routine. Editing pictures is like a hobby to me, whether it's on my phone or computer. The whole process of it is so relaxing and rewarding- because you can turn a bland pictures into such a vivid creation! I like my photos looking that "Kylie Jenner" vibe...a little subtle, old-fashioned/hipster. Basically what all minimalists try to do these days, but I'm not that "deep" about everything haha. However, I do love making picture look that "film" look.

1. Take a picture with selfie mode. If you have any sort of modern Samsung S4/S5/S6 smartphone, there should be a "beauty face" mode that blurs out harsh edges and any kind of imperfection. It's such a useful filter because it makes the skin look flawless without losing much resolution, and saves time for digital touch-ups. The best thing in selfies is LIGHTING: under clear lighting, with a clear background.

2. Meitu Pic 美图秀秀 Retouching: This is a notrious/must-have photo app for asian girls. We like our skin looking flawless with big eyes, slimmed face, bright features, and even making full body shots taller/skinnier if they wanna take it to the extreme. If my selfie's lighting isn't very good or if I wanna make the picture brighter, I usually press the "auto retouch" than "natural" and bring it down to 50%. It slims the face, makes the eyes bigger, makes the whole face whiter/brighter in general. I do this subtly because I don't like that over filtered "kawaii" look.

3. VSCOcam App: My absolute "cannot-live-without" app in my entire life. I bought all the VSCO filters so far, and literally use this for everything and anything taken with my phone, or even for DSLR pictures if I'm lazy. It's just so versatile, and the colours come out so vintage/hipster/vibrant looking. Since I hate overexposed/contrasted filters like the ones from Instagram, VSCOcam is perfect for me! I love it so much, I also use VSCOfilm filters in Adobe Lightroom for travel/DSLR picture editing. I usually use "H1/H2/C1/G3" but it really depends on the mood you want to set for the selfie and what lighting or angle it was taken in. Than, I go to the editing section after applying the general VSCO filter- and adjust the "exposure" and "fade" filter. 

More hipster/minimalist= push up the level for the fade filter. 
More clearer/focused= push up the "contrast" and push down the "exposure"
More mysterious/simple= use the M1M3 or T1/T2
Hipster grungy black and white= X1/X2/ OR B1-B3

4. Squaready or Square Pic: To fit pictures in for instagram, use a square making app to fit the entire picture in, or "double mirror" it to fill up the extra background. And there, you have the finished product!! The art of selfie is a real phenomenon I's such a fun, creative process and I believe it really takes skill and practice to get the "perfect selfie" :D

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