Busan, Korea 2017: Haeundae Beach & Nampo District

By Cathy H - 9:00 PM

We went to Busan for 2 days via a 8 hour roundtrip car ride. God bless my friend's stepmom for driving us!! Korea was a different experience this time because I was with locals and a Korean family for the whole time. I didn't ride the subway or bus because we were driven everywhere. I ate home cooked food half the time and it was great seeing how locals lived compared to when I lived there and being surrounded by other foreigners. Busan is hands down my favorite city. This is the place where everything started, the air is fresh, the beach is nice, the people are more chill, the food is good. This was the first city I seen when I lived here, and it made me think of all the friends I made here and walking down the streets, shopping, and taking pictures with them 2 years ago. We stayed in the center of the shopping district and it was insanely convenient because restaurants and shops were right below the hotel. Ofcourse, Haeundae beach looked as good as ever. The weather was glorious and life was good. 

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  1. Explore Busan holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. Nice view!

  2. Thanks! This post was very helpful.I’d prefer an area with lot of convenience stores and local restaurants or/and night markets.

  3. Great adventures with friends! Nice photos.