Porter Robinson: Worlds Digital Art

By Cathy H - 10:28 PM

This album really means the WORLD to me. Almost every song holds a lot of nostalgic meaning to me. It's personal in a way that I cannot describe, making me miss something that maybe never existed. Making me reminence and think back on all the stages of my life. I remember moments in my life hearing "Goodbye to a World" that bring me immense happiness, bittersweet moments and hope. It's hard to explain. Sometimes you feel a song and that's what Porter's album does for me. I regret it everyday that I wasn't a fan of his while WORLDS tour was live in my city. 
This album made me realize how powerful and integral of an effect music has in my life. I feel many of these songs on a deep level and to me, its one of the things that make life worthwhile. Expansive, vast, ethereal, and infinite. 

This digital illustration is from one of his visual graphics for "She Heals Everything", a bonus track off the album. Something about the drop, the art, the trance-like progression is so touching. It makes me think of everything from the butterfly effect, parallel universes, and the existence of that perfect somebody out there made for everyone in this world.

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